Systems research engineer

  • Working (independently) currently as a systems research engineer on:
    1. The Asset Block Chain Store
      • A blockchain smart contract digital asset marketplace project.
        • Back-Step Blockchain
        • Python
    2. Quantum Scikit-Learn
      • A quantum implementation of scikit-learn for quantum AI systems.
        • Microsoft Q#
        • Python 3.7


Core RESEARCH Domain Training

Took the following Massively Open Online Courses:

  1. Advanced Machine Learning (Coursera)
  2. NAND 2 Tetris Part 2 (Coursera)
  3. Learning How to Learn (Coursera)
  4. The Data Scientist’s Toolbox (Coursera)
  5. The Python Mega 10-Project Course (Udemy)
  6. Introduction to Quantum Computing (Udemy)
  7. R Programming (Udemy)
  8. Artificial Intelligence A-Z (Udemy)
  9. Machine Learning A-Z (Udemy)
  10. Blockchain A-Z (Udemy)


Software Engineer

4W Software Technologies

InterSystems Cache and Ensemble 2016.

  1. In charge of developing 4W Version Control System for company use across 6 projects. Implemented a Subversion (SVN) add-in to Cache Studio IDE using Source Control hooks provided by InterSystems.
  2. Completed a three-month training module for InterSystems Cache in three weeks. This was the joint-fastest time within which the entire training module was ever finished in the records of the company at the time.
  3. Was part of the interview board from the very first day of joining the company. Since then handled Round 3 (Technical Round) of the 4W four-round Recruitment Interview Process. (Round 4 (final) was the CEO).  Notably, candidate final selection rates (by the CEO) went up from 10% to 80%.
  4. Was selected to be Team Lead (TL) at the time of training itself. Handled the SurgiDat project for one year, for maintenance issues and solving problems for eight live project in-production locations from Australia to the USA.
  5. Debugged a Linux proof-of-concept version of the SurgiDat project (credit for the team – a team effort) in case server changes were to be required due to prohibitive costs of proprietary server platforms and the success of open source software.
  6. Automated the development, tests, and builds of the completed project on which maintenance was being done by creating scripts to automate builds resulting in an increase in project reliability and consistency.
  7. Debugging and fixing persistent bugs during team work or when aid was solicited. InterSystems Cache is a complete enterprise solution hence work varied from application to web to utility and open source development.
  8. Helped with other projects in the company that had run up against serious bugs or unresolvable technical issues. Debugged the SMTP functionality in a Java app, improved performance by profiling, and added unit tests.
  • More details available on my resume, link below.